OK recycle

At OK, we will collect clothing you no longer need.
Through this project, we would be happy if we could share with everyone the fact that not disposing of clothes that are no longer worn as garbage, but recycling them with care as a resource that can still be used, is an action that is earth/environmentally friendly.

The collected items are separated into items that can be reused as clothing, materials that can be reused as recycled fibers such as threads, etc., and industrial products such as textile waste, etc.
Things that can be reused as recycled fibers such as threads etc., will be newly remade into OK products.

For even better recycling circulation, we would like you to please follow the following collection rules and etiquette, and get involved in this project!

There is no deadline for collecting clothes.

■ Rules for collection
• Putting out the washed items is fundamental.
• You don't have to go to the trouble of taking it to be cleaned, but please put it out in such a condition that you could use it yourself, or be able to put it away in a dresser.
• Please put it out after putting it in a suitably sized cardboard box.
• Please put it out so that it does not get wet or dirty.
• We cannot collect waste discharged from places of business etc.

■ We collect the following kinds of things
• Underwear/underclothes
• Face towels, bath towels, etc.
• Sheets, winter sheets
• Duvet cover, pillowcase
• Hats, full pairs of socks
• Handkerchiefs, scarves, mufflers
• Body shape correcting underclothes such as brassieres and girdles
• Blankets (wool, acrylic), towel blankets, etc.
• Curtains including lace curtains
• Bags, backpacks, sports bags
• Reusable leather clothing
* Please make sure that when you put out something that is a two-piece set, it doesn't fall apart.

* Please put out without removing accessories such as buttons, fasteners, and belts, etc.

■ Items that cannot be collected or reused
• Things that are dirty with mud, oil, paint, etc.
• Mattresses, comforters, floor cushions, pillows, bed mats
• Rugs, carpet, foot mats, toilet seat covers
• Cleaning rags, slippers
• Blankets, towels, etc. used for pets
• Kotatsu underlay, electric blankets
• Vinyl raincoats, umbrellas
• Company uniforms, work clothes
• Processing waste such as tailoring scraps and cutting wastage etc.

――――― Ship to ――――――
Nakano Co., Ltd.
Ecomuna Yokohama Factory OK Recycle ECO
2-8-6 Fukura Kanazawa-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 236-0004
* Customers are responsible for the shipping costs.