Super Special Collaboration
Tour Merchandise

Original t-shirt and totebag for Hosono Haruomi's new album tour.
These goods will be sold on his tour, Hosono haruomi ONLINE STORE, and OK webshop only.

Being huge fans of Hosono-san this is a dream come true.
His music expands to so many different genres and he is a living genius.
We couldn't believe when he asked us to design his tour merchandise for him!
These items were made with pure love from dedicated fans!

T-shirt photo and design by Monika Mogi
The image on the t-shirt is part of a film strip from a 16mm movie Monika shot of Hosono in his studio on Oct 2018.
He was showing us his favorite trinkets and toys around his studio.
He gains inspiration and power from them.

Totebag photo and design by Monika Mogi
Font and badge design by Ibuki Sakai
A xerox effect collage with original photographs created by Monika Mogi.
The collage handmade by Mogi features Hosono's favorite items in his studio, including two dolls playing the xylophone and a plastic hand.
Also featured are images of Hosono-san playing the keyboard while a recording session.
The badge was handmade by Ibuki Sakai and the font was of course created with her famous tepra technique.

We hope you enjoy your new and rare Hosono goods <3