Blue Kesshō Gloves

Blue Kesshō Gloves

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These are limited-edition long sleeve mesh gloves created in collaboration with Fruity Booty and made out of recycled mesh.

The pattern is a Japanese traditional dying technique called “orizome”

Soak the dye and water in folded Japanese paper creases and edges.
"Orizome,Ori-dyeing "that a beautiful and vivid pattern emerges when unfolded.
This is widely used from children's play to works of art. None can't be the same by folding and dyeing.

This is the collaboration between OK and Fruity Body using a specially made ori-dyed pattern by Mis. Yamamoto of Nara who taught us such a fun and beautiful folding dyeing.

• Over the elbow gloves
• Fabric: semi-sheer, stretch mesh
• One size
• Machine wash on a cold wash. No tumble dry, lay flat to dry
• Made in Porto, Portugal

85% Recycled Polyamide
15% Elastane

Full Length:57cm