Yellow Lip extension

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Tomi Kono Fancy Wig is brought to you by wig artist Tomihiro Kono as hair that can be worn in the spirit of an accessory.

Sales commenced in 2019, and since then, Tomi Kono Fancy Wig has done pop-ups and exhibition sales in various locations, including abroad.

In recent years, Tomi Kono Fancy Wig has become popular among young people in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Each wig is carefully hand-dyed and hand-painted, so the colors and patterns are unique.

These wigs were designed taking inspiration from marine life in a collaboration with OK.

100% human hair
Clip on (worn with a clip)
Hair iron can be used
Able to be shampooed
(the color may fade if the item gets wet)

※ Each item is hand-painted, so there may be slight variations in the pattern.
※ Products are sold individually. Please take note when making your purchase that the photographs were taken with two wigs side by side.

Overall length: Approximately 36 cm

100% human hair, metal clip
Made in Japan