[OK×ESPERANZA] Chunky Heel Sandals (Blue)

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The second collaboration line of the brand "OK" produced by Kiko Mizuhara who ignited the gal boom of the 90s x shoe brand "ESPERANZA"!!

*Please note, the product image is a sample product, so make, color, etc. may differ.

[Size Selection Guide]
Typically, it seems size you normally select is fine.
S: 22.0-22.5 cm/M: 23.0-23.5 cm/L: 24.0-24.5 cm/LL: 24.5-25.0 cm
*There may be individual differences due to foot shape. Please be aware that this is just a guide.

Country of origin: China
Materials: synthetic leather
Heel height: about 11.5 cm
Stem: about 6.0 cm
Width: 2E

*There are five size adjustment holes for the straps. They button.
*There may be slight errors or minor scratches on decorations (unavoidable due to manufacturing). They are very delicate, so please take adequate care when handling during use or storage.
*Please note, there may be some glue or the like adhered in manufacturing.