Ashtray Square (Violet-Monika)

Ashtray Square (Violet-Monika)

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“Love Signs Ashtray” by Monika Mogi

The Love signs ashtray collection is a selection of handmade ashtrays, created by Monika Mogi (who resides in New York) during the lockdown. Each item is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.
These ashtrays, inspired by the designs of Japanese snack bar and bar signs, contain particular emotional significance for Monika.
They can be used not only as ashtrays, but also as containers for jewelry and as interior decoration.

Love sign with violet glow-in-the-dark border.

Because these are handmade items, they may contain some air bubbles and scratches. Please note that such attributes will not impair their use.

Vertical × Width × Height:9cm × 9cm × 3cm