Still blossom necklace
Still blossom necklace
Still blossom necklace
Still blossom necklace

Still blossom necklace

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Taiwanese jewelry label Melted Potato was born during the summer of 2018; its founder, Amamberber Yang, was listening to Jay Chou’s “Lovely Woman”—“I want to melt with you and melt into the galaxy”— on repeat while melting, herself, under the estival sun.
As its namesake suggests, Melted Potato’s designs are inspired by this phase transformation, objects’ contours as they ooze, drip, and bubble in the heat.
And, like real melting objects—a ball of ice cream or a birthday candle—each of the label’s handcrafted jewels are one-of-a-kind, no two have melted in quite the same way. No matter who you are and where you are now, we’re all one under the sun.⁠

Preservation and cautions:
Our products are silver plated on special plastic so they are relatively lightweight, water resistant, UV resistant, and resistant to oxidization and discoloration.
The outer layer is covered in clear varnish for extra protection.
Please avoid putting products under high pressure, friction, hard impact, and exposing them to environments above 60 degrees Celsius. When not worn, always place product in the box it came with, to minimize the deterioration of the paint coating.
Remember to also remove product when in hot springs.

stainless steel
steel wire

Chain total length:43.5cm
Charm size (vertical x width):13cm × 7cm